Our Health, Safety, Security & Environmental Policy

DRT Transportation is committed to achieving and maintaining excellence in all aspects of its activities. DRT recognizes and accepts the obligation to conduct its activities with integrity in a responsible and sustainable manner. DRT will provide a system of work in order to protect the health, safety and security of its employees, visitors, contractors and the public, while minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment. DRT will comply with state and federal regulatory statutes, as well as apply appropriate standards where respective legislation does not exist. DRT has been accepted into the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Responsible Care® partnership program and has adopted the ACC’s Responsible Care® Guiding Principles.

DRT maintains its facilities, conducts its operations and performs its services in a manner designed to provide sustainable, safe and secure transportation and logistics operations for its customers, and that protects the environment, and the safety, health and security of its employees, its customers and their employees, facilities and products, and the public. DRT provides training and job specific education to all employees supported by internal standards, procedures and instructions.

DRT strives for continuous improvement in programs, work processes and performance related to safety, health, security and the environment. We regularly conduct examinations of operations and principles, in relation to the best industry practices, to identify opportunities for improvement, by establishing goals and measuring achievements, which are promptly reported to officials, employees, customers and the public.

Our people are our most precious resource and we understand health, safety and environmental stewardships are about more than platitudes. By maximizing our employees’ well-being and ensuring participation and consultation, we are instrumental in helping to achieve and maintain a safe and healthy environment for not only our employees but all of our stakeholders.


Robert C. Kemp

President & CEO

DRT Transportation, LLC.