DRT offers logistic services to assist clients with managing their shipments. We organize logistics and maximize the efficiency of your supply chain, providing value and peace of mind for distributors and supplier. From supply chain engineering to warehousing and vendor management, DRT can handle the details and improve your shipping experience from start to finish.

We use digital solutions to streamline purchasing, billing and shipment tracking. The shipment tracker allows clients to update purchasers on projected delivery dates, and our online portal makes managing shipments quick and simple.

Supply Chain Engineering

Our expert supply chain engineers use conceptual construction methods to optimize your shipment’s route from start to finish. We work with our clients on all aspects of their shipment—from purchasing and logistics, through to delivery. DRT’s expertise helps clients understand and avoid potential pitfalls. Our digital systems make it easy for clients to actively monitor the process every step of the way.



Not all clients have space to store ready-to-ship items. For those clients, DRT coordinates and manages storage space in our network of warehouses.

Our warehousing capabilities include temperature controlled and product-visible storage. We also offer pick and pack shipping for clients who need specific pieces of an order gathered from warehouse stock and shipped to a recipient.

For clients who require minimal storage while transitioning products, we also manage cross dock services. Our warehousing vendors unload products and materials from an incoming truck, and reload shipments directly onto an outbound truck with little to no storage in between.