As a TIA Performance Certified third-party logistics company, we offer top-tier transportation service for our clients. Our reliability and exceptional customer service make DRT a valuable partner and asset to your organization. Our core services include truckload, less-than-truckload, intermodal, climate controlled and flat car on rail shipping.

Due to our comprehensive network of carriers, we have the capacity, experience, desire and resources to handle your business—no matter the scale.


As the most common type of freight transportation in the United States, dry van and flatbed truckloads are our bread and butter. Our specialists are available full time to help you determine which transport method best suits your needs.

With our extensive carrier network, we can organize on short notice and provide a quick turnaround for rush jobs. Our clients trust us to schedule their shipments and deliver products safely, on time and without damage.


For smaller shipments, save with a less-than-truckload (LTL) shipment. LTL transportation consists of relatively small freight that does not fill a full truckload.

Using our proprietary transportation management system (TMS), our team will work with you to decide and source the most cost-effective mode of shipping. DRT’s LTL experts can determine your rate class and saves you the cost of a full truckload so you don’t have to. Our carrier partnerships make it efficient and convenient to schedule your products on an LTL vehicle.


When shipping involves multiple modes of transportation, we can help. Coordinating the hand-offs between trucks, trains, planes and boats can be difficult and time consuming, and our experts can take that off your plate. Whether you’re shipping products globally or across the United States, DRT works with our extensive carrier network to make sure your shipment is covered.

For international shipments by air or sea, we also handle customs brokerage, inbound and outbound transportation and third-country ground shipping in Europe, Asia and South America.

Climate Controlled

We know that certain products require controlled environments. For these shipments, we can source vehicles with internal temperatures that can be regulated and maintained, based on your exact specifications.

We source climate controlled truckload and less-than-truckload shipping. One of our specialists will work with you to determine the best options for shipping your products, while minimizing the potential risk to your cargo.